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Packing machine
Full automatic carton box machine

Equipment introduction:
Automatically out of the box, forming, bottom folded and flexed. And now to complete the part of the tape paste, the cardboard box automatically opened, according to certain procedures or at the bottom of the box, and sealed with tape after losing to the special equipment of packing machine. Automatic box machine is high-volume carton automatic opening and automatic folding under cover, automatic sealing tape line equipment under the bottom of the machine adopts P.L.C + display control, greatly facilitate the operation, management, reduce production and labor intensity, is essential for automated mass production equipment. Easy to operate, reduce packaging costs.
Equipment characteristics:
1 folding grab type: automatically correct the right angle, accurately pushed the box
2 compact design: simple installation
3 for the box: the size of the box, the box will be placed accurately
The 4 adhesive tape at the bottom: clean, accurate, touch
Equipment parameters:
Applicable carton: L500mm; W300mm; H400mm
Mesa height: 750 + 50mm
Packing speed: 10 boxes / min
Machine size: 2000 x 1900 x 1450mm
Power supply: 220/380V 50/60Hz
Use air source: 5-6kg/cm3
Use tape: 48.60.72mm
Machine weight: 400kg