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Packing machine
Full automatic carton packaging machine

Equipment introduction:
According to the labor force is becoming increasingly tense, the medium and large bottled drinking water production factory labor resources shortage, we through the investigation of the majority of bottled water manufacturers as well as part of the customer requirements, the successful development of automatic packing equipment, and customers in the process of use to optimize the design and achieve stable operation and improvement outstanding performance. The facility covers an area of small, low operation cost, per hour can be completed 600 boxes, the whole equipment only one person can easily operate, the maximum extent reduce the labor intensity of workers and reduce the staffing of the whole production line. The equipment has the characteristics of low price and low failure rate.
Description of the main features:
The facility covers an area of small, low operation cost, can be installed according to the requirements of a number of bottles in the carton, which is convenient for transportation and storage, the whole equipment only can be easily operated. The maximum extent reduce the labor intensity of workers and reduce the staffing of the whole production line
1, the machine adopts thick flat chain into the bottle, the machine state power consumption is low, energy consumption is very low; built-in near signal detection mechanism according to the output automatically adjust the packing speed and filling the bottle line matching.
2, the bottle system adopts the latest air bag type bottle holder, not to hurt the bottle and shrink film, do not drop bottles, small consumption and stable operation.
3, lift the bottle lifting system using linear bearing slider type soft connection structure, with the lifting speed stability, unexpected failure mechanical protection and other functions, effectively protect the machine under special fault protection function.
4, the machine can be installed through the replacement of different varieties of cartons, to meet the different needs of customers
5, the machine lifting, translational position using numerical control technology to detect positioning, bottle, put the bottle position is quite accurate, avoid the use of the positioning switch caused by high fault rate. The bottle with a mobile stepping drive system, and enhance the water bottles in the translation process with high and low, multi speed operation (low speed high speed Clip - - speed bottle bottle), and the whole operation process of cluster coordination, smooth operation.
6, the machine adopts imported MITSUBISHI PLC microcomputer control, weinview man-machine interface, operation parameters and operation process can be adjusted freely on a touch screen, a parameter storage, fault shutdown, alarm, display and other functions.
Main features of the packing machine:
The whole frame is made of 3 steel plates with sufficient thickness to improve the strength of the frame and widen the side columns to reduce the vibration caused by the running of the machine.
1, lifting stability:
The frame adopts 2 axis and 4 point chain to improve the positioning and the stepper motor drives, which can reduce the sloshing phenomenon when the lifting frame is in place.
2, translation stability and precision:
Translation mechanism stepper motor drive, multi - speed operation, to ensure the accuracy of movement and chain running without jumping teeth.
3, control system
The use of independent operation control box external control, easy to operate,
Suitable for any terrain shop location.
4, pneumatic actuator:
All of the cylinders and the electromagnetic valve adopts AIRTAC brand. Improve equipment durability.
5, digital control system:
Servo drive system within one year of quality problems of our company are unconditional repair or replacement.