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Membrane charter
Automatic speed film machine

Automatic speed straight line type film charter specifically for the packaging of beer and beverage, pure water, fruit juice, dairy products etc.. To achieve automatic bottle transfer and arrangement, film packaging, sealing, shrinking, cooling and molding, etc.. The use of advanced constant temperature hot film binding technology. Rapid seal cooling to ensure higher sealing strength. The PLC program is used for automatic control, stability and reliability. The sensing switch controls the membrane transmission system to reliably adjust and control the film transmission length and reduce the loss. All transmission systems are controlled by frequency variations of the device. Stable and smooth transfer speed. Unique thermal channel 2 sets of centrifugal hot air circulation system.

Overall dimension L13840mm*W1100mm*H2100mm
Thermal contraction channel size L2400mm*W650mm*H450mm
Max packing size L600mm*W400mm*H350mm
Packaging speed 16 packs per minute
Transmission band width 550mm
Sealing time / temperature 0.5-1.5s 180°C-260°C
Voltage / power 380V 30kw
pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa