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Membrane charter
Full automatic film wrapping machine

Fully automatic film packaging machine is designed for the production of pure water filling production line, beverage filling production line, fruit juice filling production line, and milk product filling equipment. In the process of packaging products in the process of transmission, can be automatically combined into a package, save time, improve packaging efficiency. The high end heat shrinkable film packaging machine adopts touch screen operation panel, the interface is friendly, the parameter setting is fast, and it is convenient for the man-machine communication and control. The film machine is the best choice for domestic medium heat shrinkable film in the field of charter.

Technical parameters:
1, adapt to power supply: 50Hz/380V, three-phase five wire system.
2, power: about 24KW.
3, working pressure: dry air is not less than 0.6MPa, air consumption: 25m3/H.
4, the form of packaging: both sides of the seal opening, connecting the production line, automatic collection, film, sealing, shrinking.
5, packing speed: 8~10 bag / minute.
6, packaging materials: PE heat shrinkable film.
7, equipment delivery level and feed direction, size 750 + 50, left
8, equipment protection to meet the specification requirements.
9, external dimensions: 5950 x 4500 x 1800mm (L * w * h)